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global logistics and supply chain management

Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management: The Premier Choice

Globalization has paved way for plethora of business opportunities for Australian companies to move beyond geographical boundaries. The imperativeness for corporates to connect with neighbouring nations gravitated us to provide a consortium of global logistics and supply chain management services.

As a premier forwarding company, we have managed to create a sense of confidence amongst the native and foreign companies to provide them the desired customized solutions for successful international supply chain management solutions. 

Decades of industry experience has helped us garner the coveted resources and infrastructure to bridge the strategic trade gap with the companies across the border. Armed with the advanced tools and technologies, we are committed to offer nothing short of top notch logistic services within a safe and secured environment.

If you’re vying to export or import, then we are your one-stop shop to meet myriad logistics & supply chain management requirements to deliver exceptional customer service to one and all.

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Experienced logistics & supply chain management

Supply chains are complex and sensitive and must be ready to quickly adapt to changes on both the supply side and the demand side, without which a supply chain can not ensure high value to its stakeholders.

AMAC Customs & Logistics are experienced in analysing a supply chain, identifying weaknesses and strengths and executing a supply chain management strategy to suit any client, helping them create value by reducing costs, improving efficiency and delivering the product at the right time, right place and right price point.

We have tuned ourselves to the modalities involved in processing every single import/export project undertaken. You can trust us for our proficient team members employ their amassed knowledge and practical expertise to provide end-to-end project management in the best interest of the clientele.

We are proud of our comprehensive air and sea freight that goes on to prove our growing strength in providing global logistics and supply chain management services. Do not hesitate and experience our customer service for free consultation.

logistics & supply chain management

Global Logistics And Supply Chain Management Services

  • Dynamic supply chain analysis of existing or proposed trade lanes to ensure resources are best allocated to achieve our clients’ goals
  • Assistance segmenting customers, customising logistics network, aligning demand planning, managing sources of supply and developing supply chain-wide strategies to support decision making
  • Global supply chain logistics management and data analytics
  • Use of digital tools – eID’s, NVDs, QR’s, microdots & more – to prove provenance of your product from farm gate or winery through the supply chain to the end consumer
  • LEAN, Agile and other supply chain management principles
  • Assistance gaining Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) status
  • And more…

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We understand the intricacies involved with different kinds of products, such as heavy vehicles, machines, goods, raw material, work-in-progress and much more. However, at AMAC Customs & Logistics, we are committed to provide innovative solutions stamped with cost-effectiveness and value to help your business grow and achieve their strategic goals.

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