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Swift & Smooth Customs Clearance in Australia

Customs clearance has become an integral part of global trade. Whether you’re importing or exporting, every commodity has to be go through a predetermined mandatory customs clearance in Australia. 

It may look tedious and often-exhausting to most of the companies. However, we at AMAC Customs & Logistics have taken it upon us to provide every possible assistance to provide complete convenience to our esteemed clients.

Regardless of the country you’re trading with, there is a fixed customs clearance to approve the entry and exit of the commodities after successfully complying with the applicable laws and regulations.

If you find customs clearance in Australia all bothersome, then let the premier global logistics and supply chain management company deal it with all to give you ample time to dream on for business expansion and growth.

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We are Expert in Customs Clearance

AMAC Customs & Logistics offer a comprehensive Customs clearance process for all commodities being imported or exported, allowing our clients to have peace of mind that their consignments are compliant with applicable laws and that their cargo is being moved as efficiently through the Australian border as possible.

We understand that customs clearance can get exhausting and often a wrong or miscalculated move can prolong the release of your cargo. However, our competitive team is well versed with all the mandatory documentation in order to expedite the often-tedious process of customs clearance in Australia.   

We boast of efficiently representing our clients throughout the customs clearance process involving examination, assessment, payment of duty and delivery of cargo. Whether it is air freight or sea freight, we have gathered the desired knowledge and competence to beat all the odds to get quick customs clearance in Australia.

Trust us for we are committed to eliminate all the hurdles and fasten up the entire customs clearance to ensure lawful release of cargos without any unexpected delay.

Experience us immaculate customer service to escape all the entanglements during the course of global trade and supply chain management.

Customs Clearing Service

We Offer a Comprehensive Customs Clearance Process

  • Department of Home Affairs (Customs) import and export clearance declarations
  • Customs import and export permits for all commodities
  • Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (Quarantine) clearance
  • BICON assessment for import and export quarantine permits
  • Consulting prior to importation/exportation to ensure all steps taken to comply with local and foreign requirements
  • Up-to-the-minute reference material through investment in leading software systems
  • Duty minimisation through expert analysis by our in-house Customs brokers and use of tariff concession orders (TCO’s), Schedule 4 concessions and other methods as required
  • Using Free Trade Agreements (FTA’s) and Certificates of Origin (CoO’s) for shipments from FTA partner countries to reduce duty through preferential tariffs
  • Wine Equalisation Tax (WET), Luxury Car Tax (LCT), Goods and Services Tax (GST), GST deferral
  • Valuation assistance to meet international and Australian requirements
  • Landed costings from door-to-door
  • Unaccompanied Personal Effects shipments (UPE’s)
  • Duty refunds, rebates, remissions and drawbacks
  • TRADEX Orders for cash-flow management to minimise up-front duty/GST payment on imported goods that are then exported
  • Anti-Dumping and Anti-Countervailing Duty assessments
  • Australia Post clearances
  • Incoterms 2010

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